The kids of Street St Clair

“We are the pirates,
And you are the clowns.
Come on our side,
We’ll take you down!”

“I got ya! I shot ya!
You gotta fall down dead.
You can’t still be alive with
a bullet in your head.”

“But that’s not fair,
you clearly missed!
The bullet flew over there,”
They hissed.

“Come on kids,
It’s time for tea!”

“Nah, mum, can’t you see?
We’re in the middle of battle at sea.
We’ll come in when they can’t get free!”

“BANG! BANG! I got ya too!
I shot ma gun, and hit ya shoe!”

“Man down, man down!
He’s been hit!
We’ve gotta get that one back,
The git!”

“Hey, don’t call me that,
it’s just a game.
And that shot should go down
in the hall of fame.”

“Kids, kids, it’s time for bed!”

“Mum, if you say that again,
We’ll have your head,
High on a stick,  that makes you…”


“Nah, mum, it’s only eight!
Plus you said we could stay out late.
But anyway, what do we care?
‘Cos we are the kids of Street St Clair.”

-South African Nutter


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