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Inside Outside

Hello, internet people.

I’m sorry to inform you that this will be another random post, and an insight to what i think about.

Okay, so when you’re inside a house, you’re inside outside, because the house- i.e the bricks, roof etc.- are outside, which makes you inside the outside.

Making sense so far? Good, because here comes the confusing bit.

Those of you who have been watching Wimbledon lately, will know that yesterday on center court they had the roof on. Now, when they have the roof off, it makes them outside inside outside, because there is no roof- outside- but they are in a building- inside- which is outside- outside. Outside, inside, outside. So, when they have the roof on like they did yesterday, it makes them inside outside…inside outside.

See, i told you it was confusing. Although for some reason it makes sense to me (obviously, because i thought of it), but i’m the kind of person who thinks that if something makes sense to me, it has to make sense to everyone, so when i try and explain myself, most of the time people just don’t get it and i don’t really know how to tell them what i think…

I have no idea how to wrap this up, so i’m just going to leave it there.

-South African Nutter


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