Hello, people of the internet.


Helpful, but annoying when you can’t remember them. Especially if you have loads of different passwords for different things so it just gets confusing.

For example, with my passwords i often use the same word but change it a bit, so if it was “password” for one thing, i would change it to “PassWord” for another. Or, i would have a completely different word, like “myname”, and again, i would change it to “MyName” or “mynam3”. So, if i go on one site with one password for ages, then i decide to go on another with the same word but with a different spelling, i get confused, and have to remember that i spelt it differently.

But, that’s the good thing with passwords, because if you have trouble remembering them, then surely other people trying to hack into your account will have trouble aswell.

-South African Nutter

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