What time is it?

Hello, internet people.

Everyday, i wear my watch, because without it, i feel bare and i can never get used to it. The only time i don’t wear it, is when i go swimming or if it breaks. Anyway, because i wear my watch so often, people always ask me what time it is, and normally it’s fine, i’ll tell them, end of. But when people keep on asking you what the time is, it gets really annoying- especially if it’s the same person, and if there’s a clock in the room.

Why it annoys me so much, i’m not too sure. There are other things to get frustrated with, like how you’re going to buy lunch with 50p or something. Oh, i’ve just had an idea as to why it annoys me. Imagine someone constantly asking you “What time is it? What time is it? Do you know what time it is?” at least once a day.

It’s pretty annoying, huh?

Basically, i think the main reason is that if you need to ask me the time so often that even you know i’ll reach the peak of insanity, you should go and buy yourself a watch, because it will make life a whole lot easier- believe me, this is coming from someone who can’t go through a day without a watch.

-South African Nutter


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