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Losing things

Hello, internet people.

Don’t you just hate losing things? Especially if they are important. I tend to lose things a lot, and last night was a good example. You see, i had my final exam today, which was to write about the book “Of Mice and Men” and how the author uses setting to encourage the reader to reflect on the themes of the novel (how i remembered the title, i have no idea).

Anyway, we were working on Of Mice and Men a while a go, and since then i have got a new English book. Now, when it came to last night and i was looking for my old english book with my plan for the essay inside, i started to freak out when i couldn’t find it anywhere. And believe me, i searched everywhere.


I looked in my bag, in my folders, in my room, in the cupboard, in my drawers, under my drawers, on my desk and under my desk, in the dressing up drawer, in the bookshelf, in the other bookshelf, in my sister’s room, my brother’s room, my parent’s room, the airing cupboard, the bath, around the computer, on my dad’s desk, on the dining room table, under the dining room table, in the living room, under the couches, on the other table, on the breakfast bar, and even under the piano.

It wasn’t there.

So, after checking all of these places, i was starting to panic. We hadn’t looked at the book for at least a month, and i was starting to forget what the whole point of the essay was, and the main points we looked at in the lesson.

I eventually gave up, and had a shower, to see if that would give me any inspiration as to where i left my book. Unfortunately, none came to me, so once i was in my pyjamas, the search continued. The only thing i found which would be of any use was my Of Mice and Men text guide, so i started to read through it. About 10 minutes later, my sister came in saying she had a spare plan sheet i could use, which was a big relief because there would be less chance of me failing.

So when i got the sheet, i scribbled down some useful notes, and went to bed.

I had the exam today, and i think it went alright. But you know that feeling you get after an exam and you don’t think you’ve done good enough? Well that’s been with me all day, because i sometimes ramble on when i write, and often go off topic. I’m not saying i went off topic completely, but i think there were some points where i drifed away from the title a bit, so i hope you can see why i am worrying.

I think the lesson you need to learn from this post is that when it comes to exam season, or anything really, you should be organised. Normally i am organised, but i need to remember not to just leave stuff lying around…

Coming to think of it, i may have left my English book in my English room in my English folder… gee, if it’s there i will actually go out and kill someone.

-South African Nutter

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