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Hello, people of the interweb (and beyond..!)

Don’t you just love the feel of listening to a song or band for the first time and just falling in love with the music? In my opinion, that is real music. It goes out and grabs you, and then you can’t stop listening to it, and when you do, your ears keep shouting “More! More! We want more of that ear juice!”

A couple of days ago, i went on the blog wordsformwindows, and they do a thing called “Music that inspires me”. Here, i found out about the band “Steam Powered Giraffe”- and they’re amazing!! I like the fact that they are definitely original, and they produce really good music, as you will see in the videos below!

I honestly hope you enjoy their music, because it’s epic…. and so cool!

-South African Nutter


Brass Goggles

Automatonic Electronic Harmonics


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