Janet’s Planet

Hello, internet people.

For a while now, i’ve been thinking about how i could use the name “Janet’s Planet” somewhere in my blog, and the only sensible answer that came to me was changing my blog name from South African Nutter to Janet’s Planet.

I think that it would make more sense in a way, because firstly, my name is in fact Janet, and my blog is kinda like my world, and if you hadn’t already noticed, Janet and Planet rhyme.

I haven’t changed it yet, because i don’t know if i should or not, and i thought that you, my fellow bloggers, or whatevers should know that i have been thinking about it and i also want to know what you think, because i don’t write posts for me, i write them for you and i believe you should have some sort of say in this, because it is pretty big (in my opinion).

Leave a comment and say what you think, i will appreciate it!

-South African Nutter


3 thoughts on “Janet’s Planet”

  1. I own the copyright and trademark to Janet’s Planet. I personally love South African Nutter. Check out my website: http://www.janetsplanet.com, janetsplanetspacelog. Please differentiate your ‘Janet’s Planet’ in some way differently, so that it is clear that we are two separate entities. Blessings and Peace, another Janet

  2. I think that you should keep it as South African Nutter, because that’s your sign off, the thing you always end your post with and it’s kinda like your trademark.
    Shame Janet’s Planet is copyrighted. How about The Planet of Janet? Or The Janet Planet. Or Beware: Janet’s Planet…

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