June Update

Hello, internet people.

I am so tempted to start this post like Miranda Hart starts her sitcom (“previously in my life…”), but i’m not writing a post about what has happened, i’m writing about what will happen.

So anyway, we have now reached the merry month of June, although it’s not exactly merry if you take a look at the weather. This month i have quite a lot on, starting from today. I have a friend’s party to go to, which will be a movie-marathon for 6 hours, and then tomorrow i have a swimming gala. It’s weird that i’m not excited about it, because i normally am excited about galas, but hey- what can you do?

Some of you will know that i am doing a charity abseil down the side of a church tower- 50 feet if you’d like to know- next weekend and i’ve made about £6 or £7 already, which isn’t bad considering i only got the sheet last Friday. Obviously, i have a tonne of exams coming up, and they start on Tuesday, when i have Biology. I’m not really nervous about it yet, but i think i need to revise quite a bit more but i’m feeling quite positive about it. Sadly, on Thursday i have Chemistry, which i am starting to worry about but i hope i pull through.

Most of you should know i am a huge Tim Minchin fan, and on the 23rd (2 weeks today!) i will be seeing him at the Eden Project. It’s kind of awkward though, because my dad gets back from Sudan (he’s a geologist) on the 20th, which is a really good thing, but we didn’t know he’d be back then so didn’t buy him a ticket so sadly he won’t be going and according to my mum, he quite likes Tim Minchin. I don’t think he’s his favourite comedien, but you know. It’s a bit late now.

So that’s going to happen on the 23rd, and it finishes at about midnight. Now the next day, i have another gala in Plymouth and it starts quite early, i think about 9 o’clock so it’s going to be quite interesting!

That’s all i can think of which is happening this month, so i hope you enjoyed reading what i’m going to be doing in the near future…

-South African Nutter

P.S. All those Musers out there will know it’s Matt Bellamy’s birthday today, so happy birthday man!


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