OhMaiGod, Random

Charity Abseil

Hello, internet people.

On the 16th June, me and some people from my school (including teachers) are going to abseil down the side of Feniton Church Tower- which is 50 feet, by the way- to raise money for the Melanasia Mission.

In our school, we have four different houses:
Patteson- my house

They were named after famous people who lived in the area. Patteson went to Melanasia, where unfortunately, he was killed by cannibals. Anyway, we are trying to raise money for the school there, so i have reached the peak of insanity by signing up to do the charity abseil.

My school are also planning on having a trip to Melanasia (sometime in the distant future), but i hope i am still in school when that happens!

So wish me luck!

-South African Nutter



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