Time Trials

Hello, internet people.

Last night my swimming club had its Time Trials. We had 50m of all the strokes, and 100IM and Freestyle. We were racing in age groups and the people i was up against were pretty good and hard to beat.

Being me, not winning or getting a PB is really frustrating, so by the time we’d finished all the 50’s, i was in a bad mood and i just wanted to go home. We had just done Breaststroke (my worst) and i came last (not surprising), but i was so angry because i wanted to do better and my mum kept saying that if i have a bad attitude towards it then i will do badly. Even though i knew she was right (like most of the time) i didn’t really want to believe it and kept thinking that i was just rubbish at the stroke.

We had the IM after, and i didn’t do as well as my time was in the club championships of 2011- i was 9 seconds slower! When i found out the result i felt even lower than after the breastroke. The good thing was that 100 Freestyle was next and my PB was 1:20:00, but when i got this time, i was swimming against 3 of the best swimmers in my club- 2 of which were 17 and 18 at the time. Anyway, i didn’t feel like anything spectacular was going to happen in this race, because since the championships i’ve swam it twice and gotten a time closer to 1:25 so i wasn’t expecting good results.

When my age group was called up, we waited behind the blocks once more and waited for the heat to finish. I was in Lane 5, the last lane so when i actually swam, i couldn’t see past lane 3. I looked to the end of the pool, and saw my mum standing at the end of my lane. The race finished and the swimmers climbed out, and then there was a couple of minutes of talking while my coach and other time keepers recorded the times. My coach blew the whistle and everyone fell silent. The next long whistle was the cue for us to get on the blocks. After a couple of seconds,
“Take Your Marks,” and then it was followed by the sharp whistle which let us launch off the blocks and dive into the cold water waiting below. I did a good start, in my opinion, because my goggles didn’t come off. In the first length i decided to breathe every 3 and 5 arm pulls, but by the time i finished the first length i knew that if i wanted to go faster, i had to breathe every 5. My turn was good aswell- so far things were working out for me. I raced down to the deep end breathing every 5. I could see i was in front of the person in the lane next to me, and it was very close between my friend in Lane 3. I reached the wall at the deep end, and when i turned i could see that i was ahead of her. This made me really excited, because from my knowledge, she had beaten me in every race before.  I kicked really hard, and then felt tiredness looming over me, so i slowed down a bit- but not too much.

It was still really close, and i wasn’t prepared to lose this race. The final length was quickly approaching, and after another good turn, i used what energy i had left to kick really hard and i pulled fast. I could see the end wall coming closer, and when i breathed to the left, i could see my friend was very close.
You’re not going to lose now.

I reached for the wall and slammed my hand on it, claiming victory- well, second place but it was good enough for me. Waiting for the others to finish, it dawned on me that i hadn’t lost this race, and i couldn’t stop smiling. We climbed out the water, and i asked for my time.
“1:20:93” said my time keeper. I smiled and groaned, and she looked confused.
“I needed one more second off for it to be a PB” I explained.

So that was my eventful night. I still get that feeling of happiness when i think of the moment i beat my friend- i know she’ll be reading this, so sorry if i sound cocky or horrible, but that’s just me.

-South African Nutter


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