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My weird thing.

Hello, internet people.

Today we went on a school Gography trip to Dawlish Warren, to get information on rivers, and spits- no not the spit that comes out your mouth. I don’t know how to explain it quickly so just look it up.


Dawlish itself is a really nice place, with a sandy beach, good chips, and a really- and i mean really- good swimming club.

That’s why i don’t like Dawlish that much. If you happen to be from Dawlish, don’t take this personally, but i just have this weird thing. I went to a gala at Dawlish about a year ago, and they actually thrashed us- and everybody else. Now, i’m quite used to not winning, but i have never been against a club that good. I suppose i’d better get used to it, but whenever i go to a gala, the competitve side always takes over my usual calm, happy self, so what you see is this angry person who appears to be screaming at her team mates to go faster, when actually what i’m doing is simply cheering them on.

Oh and also, the chips are soooo good. And i’m not joking. I guess that’s one of the good things about Dawlish… As i’ve been writing this, i’ve kinda forgotten the point of this post… I don’t really know what Dawlish has to do with it really, but i think it’s because we went there today the memories came flooding back to me… Right, now i’ve completely lost the point of my argument.

I guess this whole thing is just telling you about my  weird thing.

-South African Nutter
Oh, and somehow that reminds me. I have a gala tomorrow in Okehampton (for those of you who care where it is) and, i’m really frustrated because i only have one race, but that’s not it, oh no. It’s also the last race. So, for my fellow swimmers out there who know what it’s like at a gala, and know how long they can go on for…. you see frustration.


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