Radio Debut

Hello, people of the interweb.

I’ve had a very exciting couple of days. Yesterday, as you may have read in my last post, i nearly knocked myself out by hitting my head on the bathroom doorhandle.

Today was even more exciting than that!

You see, our local Radio station, Heart fm has this thing where they say something or ask you a question and you can text in a reply. Today, it was “Give your job a more interesting title”. After listening to a couple, i thought of a pretty good one for a paper girl (my job) and thought about sending it in. As i got more and more awake, it was obvious that i should do it before it was too late, so i ran downstairs, grabbed my phone, turned it on while running back up the stairs, leaped onto my bed as my phone came to life, and texted “Manager of analysing and distributing papers”.

About half an hour later i had just got dressed, and my phone started buzzing. I thought it was a text from a friend, but then saw that it was an incoming call. Loads of things were rushing through my mind, because i never get calls from anyone unless it’s urgent. Then i thought, what if it’s Heart? I shook my head, thinking it was more likely to be someone with a wrong number.

It was the producer or someone from Heart, saying that they really liked mine and wanted me to talk on the radio.
“O-okay” I said rather shakily.
They put me on hold for about 5 minutes, and i didn’t know what to do because i had never done anything like this before. I hurried to my mum’s room to tell her, but she was in the shower. For some unknown reason, i didn’t knock on the door to inform her of the exciting happenings in my life. I then went to my brother and sister and told them instead. Apparently they were listening to Heart after i told them, but i had gone back into my room because i didn’t really know where to go or what to do, and also my radio was on so i knew what was going on.

It was coming to the end of “Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5, when i could also hear it on my phone.
“And that was Moves Like Jagger. Now our question today was what title do you think your job should be to sound more interesting, and we’ve had some great messages from some of you. Right, we’ve got Janet from Ottery on the line now, Janet are you there?”
I hesitated for a second, and then said “Hey!”
“Hi Janet,” they said. “Now, what’s your real job, Janet?”
“Um.. i’m a paper girl”
“Ah, yes, we’ve all been there at some point. So what’s your improved job title?”
I paused for a second, and then replied “Manager of analysing and distributing papers.”
They laughed. “Ah, that’s great, i really like that, Janet, well thanks for calling in…”
Then it went onto them saying what was coming up on the show, and the cheesey this is Heart! song before playing the next. I didn’t know if i should hang up or not, so i just waited and then i heard them talking again.

“Okay, thanks for calling in Janet, that was really good!”
“Oh…thanks.” I smiled, even though they couldn’t see me.
“Yeah, i thought it was great, and you know what? You should keep that title, even when you’re no longer a paper girl.”
I laughed “Okay then!”
“Right, well thanks for calling in Janet. Bye now!”
“Bye.” I hung up quite rapidly and when i did, i heard my mum talking to my brother.

“She was what?!” She exclaimed. I opened the door and saw her smiling at me. I smiled back at her.
I sent in a text to Heart and then they called saying they want me to talk on the radio.” I explained what happened in those 5(ish) minutes.
“Oh, i wish one of you’d told me!” She said, and i could hear the dissapointment in her voice.
“I was going to, but you were in the shower and i was quite overwhelmed, and i didn’t know when they were going to start talking to me..”
“No, it’s okay. One of the others could’ve told me though.”

Don’t worry, my mum didn’t lock herself in the bathroom because she was really upset or anything, instead she texted my aunt in South Africa and told them the news.

I think this has definitely made it clear that when i’m older i want to be a presenter of some sort, definitely on TV, and i’d love to give radio a go.

-South African Nutter


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