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New Earth (Part 4)

The two guards held their grip around my arms so tightly, i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to feel them soon. They had dragged me out of the room some time ago, and were still taking me down the long, pearly white corridors. It was so white that i felt dizzy just looking around me, so i closed my eyes and tried planning an escape. Eventually, they stopped and dropped me on the ground. I stared at the floor- it was dark grey. From behind me, light was spilling through the door, but it was slowly getting smaller, until all that was left was a sliver of gold in the room, penetrated with darkness. I stumbled to my feet and looked around. My eyes adjusted to the dark room but i couldn’t see any outlines of tables, chairs… anything. I glanced around once more, and a flashing red light on the ceiling grabbed my attention. It was far too high for me to get a better look. I stared at the door, and then sprinted towards it. I helplessly pulled and pushed at the heavy metal doors, but i knew i couldn’t get out of here. I tried looking through the gap between the two heavy doors, my only source of light. It was so bright, i had to squint- but that wasn’t any good. I backed away from the door, eyes adjusting again to the blackness which i was convinced would be my new world. I kept backing away, letting the darkness trap me forever.


I leaped into the air and almost fell on the floor to the deafening sound. In the darkness, i could see things rolling around on the floor. I cautiously walked up to them, and inspected them each individually. It was hard to make out what i was looking at, but they all felt the same- hard, metallic objects, some of which had sharp edges and others were blunt. While looking at what appeared to be an old baseball bat, i saw something glisten in the light from the corner of my eye. I looked in its direction immediately and dropped the bat, ignoring the crack it made as it made contact with the floor. The object was made of glass. I twirled it round in my fingers, letting the reflected light shine into my eyes until they hurt.

An idea was forming in my head… All the years i had spent in the forest of New Earth helped me to take care of myself… and all the TV crime dramas i could vaguely remember watching as a kid. Why the idea hadn’t occured before was beyond me. I looked again at the light creeping along the floor and up the back wall. I followed it, and looked up at the ceiling again. The light was directly above me, flashing red like a heart beat. I tore off a part of my clothing and placed it in the light. Then, with the glass, i moved it so that the light bounced off and made a small circle of yellow on the fabric. It took a few minutes, but soon enough, smoke was leaving the cloth and dancing in the stale air. I watched it get heavier and heavier, and then at last, the cloth caught on fire. I stepped away, and ran to the door.

The room- and the rest of the building- filled with a loud shriek. I could hear people running frantically up and down the corridors, screaming. It was an amusing sight. It was all so loud, i nearly didn’t hear a slight click in the metal doors holding me captive. At first i wasn’t sure what it was, but then realised that there must be some kind of fire-un-lock-the-doors-automatically mechanism. I tenderly pushed the door open and peered round. It was hell in the corridors. People pushing past, others telling them to calm down… there was a fat woman trying to fit through a window at the end, but had gotten stuck and her little legs were kicking about. I laughed to myself.  I closed the door and turned left, hoping that my decision would lead me to Caesar. I ran and slid out of people’s way, and kept running, looking through all the open doors. I ran past one with animal noises floating into the hallway. I turned towards it and barged in. There were animals of all kinds in the room- but no Caesar. I looked into the eyes of the scared animals trapped in cages. They looked at me pleadingly. I sighed, and pressed the buttons next to the doors and unleashed them. They jumped out with joy, and, like the humans, pushed past each other in a desperate need to escape.

Panic was starting to take over me. I couldn’t leave here without Caesar- I wouldn’t leave here without him. I stepped out of the room, and once again looked up and down, trying to find a sign that would lead me to him. And then I saw Rian… holding a bundle of blankets… no, not blankets.
Caesar? i thought.
I started walking at a pace to catch up with him, and when he went round a corner, i sprinted, knowing that i will give him a surprise attack. Although it didn’t work out as smoothly as i’d hoped.

I gained speed as i reached the end of the corridor and turned into the next, when i ran full on to the body guards who had dragged me into my dark, miserable room, which was now probably on fire. Oops.
“And where’d you think you’re going?” said one. He looked really confident, unlike his co-worker who looked like a complete newbie, which probably meant he was an idiot.
I stared at them defiantly.
“Ooh, i think this one’s a fiesty one-” Before he could finish, i kicked him in the groin, leaving him bent over, and his friend crouched over him, asking if he was “okay”. I legged it down the corridor, and i could hear the injured guard saying “Okay? You want to know if i’m Okay? GO GET HER!” I saw Rian turn around to all the commotion, saw the angry girl running full pelt towards him, and his eyes widened. I got faster and faster, and when i got to my maximum speed, i let out a ROOAR!  This definitely left Rian so scared he couldn’t even move. At the last second, i jumped in the air and landed on top of Rian, punching him in the face, and trying to grab Caesar from his annoyingly tight grip.
“Caesar!” I shouted. The bundle moved a bit, and then the familiar face peered out. He looked as though he’d been fast asleep. Stupid animal. I thought. “Caear, help me!” He obviously heard  the stress in my voice, and like an old toy with new batteries, he came to life and attacked Rian… in the same place as last time.

With Caesar now safely in my arms, we sprinted back past the guards, one still asking the other if he was “okay”. As we turned the corner, i heard Rian shout at them to stop wasting time and go after me, but it was too late for them to do anything now. Thankfully, no one was left in the corridor. Someone had helped the fat lady, but the window was rather bent around the sides. I risked a glance out of the window- a tree was just below, an easy jump would get us out of here. I backed up a bit, and then everything seemed to go in slow motion. I ran towards the window, and behind me i heard a rat-tat-tat. I quickly looked over my shoulder and saw Rian with a huge gun. He stood at the other end, legs apart and looking very angry. He held the gun right at me, and then before anything else could happen, i was falling out the window, Caesar on my shoulder, and landing safely on the tree. I slid down the trunk and, with all the energy left inside me, ran as fast as i could in the direction of the forest.

A few months later i was back living the life i had for the past few years. I was never interrupted by anyone, and that was the way i liked it. I often thought of my adventure in the lab… or whatever it was. On occasion i would see a few of the animals i set free. But whenever i thought of that dreadful place, i always wandered why there were hundreds of people there- were they other survivors? No, they couldn’t be… if they were, they wouldn’t have tried to keep me captive- and possibly kill me. Then a horrible idea dawned on me.
What if they’re not human… what if… Oh God… what if they’re… them. The creatures who killed everyone else…?

To this day i still don’t know- and i definitely don’t want to find out.

-South African Nutter
I hope you all enjoyed my story. I’m sorry to break it to you, but this will be the last New Earth, if you hadn’t guessed by how i ended it. Please feel free to   comment, i really appreciate it. I can tell you that this won’t be my last full story, as i have a lot of ideas. If you are new to my blog and haven’t read the others, then search for New Earth in the search bar- you’ll find them all there!

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