Hey internet people.

Today, that guy… the secretary of education… what’s his name? Michael Gove? Anyway, Mr Gove came to our school- i don’t know why, we weren’t actually told why he was blessing us with his presence, just that he was coming. So, we had an assembly, and quite a lot of the time we have to sit in rows with our form, but today was slightly different. Where they normally have the card saying where our form must sit, they had it in green- and it was laminated. Fancy, huh? And also, they had our house banner, the trophy we won at the end of last year for having the most points… And the teachers were dressed up nicely in suits and ties and stuff.

It appears that they also do a simliar thing for the Ofsted inspection. I don’t really get it, because they want to see how they teach us everyday, and then the teachers always do something different so really, the teachers are lying to the inspectors- not that i’ve ever had one inspecting my class. I remember last year in R.E, we were learning about God, and when it was Inspection day, we had to do this stupid “Of-God” thing which was basically if God came to inspect Earth, what would he like and not like about it. They didn’t even come in!
I found this pointless, because even I know that God can “see the whole world” so technically, he is always inspecting- and this is coming from someone who does not like R.E, and is an Atheist… but that’s not really the point.

What annoys me, is why the teachers can’t make much of an effort all the time. Yes, it’s just to make a good impression, but the point of the person coming in and seeing how things are done is so that they can see how things are done everyday.

Why this annoys me so much, i don’t really know. I just think that the teachers should just do things how they do all the time, without getting dressed up, and making the lesson “more fun”.

So on that note, I bare thee farewell.
(Sorry about my use of old english there. If you don’t understand it, it says “Goodbye”.)

-South African Nutter


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