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Is This Love- Aiden Grimshaw

Hello internet people.

For those of you who watch the X Factor, you’ll probably remember Aiden Grimshaw from the show in 2010. He didn’t win (to my dismay) but i think he got to round 6 or 7…

Anyway, he’s released a new song called Is This Love, and it will be officially released on June 3rd and his debut album “Misty Eye” is due to be released in August this year… i think on the 13th? So here’s the song. Iย  like it, although this sort of genre isn’t what i normally listen to because i don’t tend to think of it as “propper music”.

By the way, Aiden isn’t in the video very much, you only see him once… so i guess that makes him an extra… enjoy!

-South African Nutter


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