Trains don’t agree with me…

Hello internet people, I have returned!

I hope you all missed me? No..? Oh…

Anyway. So for the past three days (well four, if you include today) I’ve been in Cardiff. Why? Because i used to live there and i know people… And just because we wanted to go- “we” meaning me and my sister. So on Tuesday morning we took the train from Exeter to Bristol, and then Bristol to Cardiff, just the two of us. Sounds simple, right?

Well, it all seemed okay on the train to Bristol. We were waiting for the train, and i had a full bottle of water, and somehow i managed to open the lid and squeeze water out and, unfortunately, it decided embarass me by making it look like i wet myself. Helen (my sister) tried to be helpful by saying “you see, I’m wearing black trousers so if that happened to me you wouldn’t see it”. It didn’t really matter too much because when we got on the train, it was really hot so it dried up pretty quickly.

So we arrived at Bristol Temple Meads station on platform 5. We had 20 odd minutes until the train to Cardiff so we wandered round looking for a useful screen to lead us in the right direction. Soon enough we found out that we needed to go to platform 9 and once we got there, we waited around  for the next 15 minutes. The train was due to leave at about 12:55, and we were happy that we hadn’t had too much trouble. Someone was announcing something on the speaker, and i heard them say something about our train but i couldn’t catch all the details, so, being the organised person i am, i went to check the screen and they had changed it from platform 9 to 5. I checked my watch- we had 5 minutes, and we needed to find platform 5. Now, i tend to panic when i don’t know what to do, so… that’s what i did. Helen and i rushed down the stairs and searched for the magic number 5. I saw 3…4…6… but i couldn’t find 5. Also, the fact that my bag kept falling off my shoulder didn’t help the situation. Helen suddenly stopped and shouted at me to come back and shut up (i was saying something like “aah, we’ll miss the train” or “there is no platform 5!”) and she pointed to a large 5 on the wall.
“Oh.” I said. So then we hurried up the stairs back to the platform we’d arrived on. Almost immediately the train arrived and we got on, found our seats and relaxed. When we got to Cardiff, there wasn’t much to panic about- in my case- so we just waited to be picked up by our friends and go home.

Okay, that’s a bit of a lame ending, but what can i do? It’s what happened, so… yeah.
-South African Nutter


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