New Earth, Random

Writer’s Block

Hello, internet people.

In case you have been wondering why i haven’t written the latest part for “New Earth”, it is because i am suffering from writer’s block, and i don’t really know how to carry on. I mean, i have loads of ideas, but none of them fit with the situation the protagonist is in. (I have just realised she doesn’t actually have a name!)

I dunno. Maybe if you have any ideas you could leave a comment or something.

-South African Nutter


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

  1. Get her to fight whats-his-name! And try and escape! Grab a scalpel and threaten the scientists, run through the white corridors, try and get out… but get hopelessly lost… running through the corridors, down staircases, trying to get out. And then she could discover something… maybe there are more people in the institute, people like her, and she frees them, and they trash the place, begin a rebellion. Maybe animals being tested. Maybe she just hides and waits it out. Maybe she get’s out but she’s being followed…

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