Review on… Contagion

Hello, internet people.

Recently, i watched Contagion, which is a film i wanted to see for ages and when i finally got it on DVD, i was really excited. Although it’s not a horror movie, it’s scary in its own way, as it makes you realise a lot that you may not have before, and it was cleverly made.

Contagion is about a Pandemic which goes airborne and spreads like wildfire, as it is contagious (hence the title, Contagion). We follow different people in the movie, and see how the same thing affects them all in different ways. The main basis for the movie, is the scientists trying to find a cure for this new disease, before chaos breaks out, and before it’s too late.

I was really excited when the movie came out, and i’m glad i finally got to see it, as it met my expectations and i would happily watch it again and again. The one thing i would say, is that if you are squemish this movie probably isn’t for you, as there is some scenes which you may not like.

-South African Nutter


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