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Review on…The Hunger Games

Hello internet people.

Yesterday, me and 8 of my friends went to see The Hunger Games. Was it good? Definitely. I can’t say i wasn’t expecting it to be bad, after seeing all the good reviews about it, and it has been rated 5 stars. The only thing i was worried about before seeing it, was that it might be very different from the book, and that they might leave stuff out. Basically, i was really happy with the outcome.

The Hunger Games is a contest where one girl and one boy (aged 12-18) from each of the 12 districts around the Capitol are chosen to fight to the death. Katniss Everdeen, from district 12, volunteers to be tribute after her younger sister’s name is called out. Along with Peeta Mallark, they go into the Hunger Games.

The movie was exciting, sad, funny… it was just amazing! Now, i don’t cry in movies, books or whatever, but i nearly cried in the Hunger Games. I won’t say when in case it spoils it for you, but those of you have seen the film or read the book will know when i’m talking about. I liked the fact that they didn’t over-dramatise everything with music getting louder or quieter. For example, in the reaping day scene, i was expecting there to be music to make it more… well. More dramatic, but there wasn’t any. I liked that because i guess it made it more tense and you don’t really miss much… if you get what i mean.

I highly reccomend you see this film. It definitely deserves the 5 stars, and the brilliant reviews.

-South African Nutter


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