Hello, internet people.

Today i have decided to write about addiction. Addiction is a strange thing… when most people think of it, they normally think of drug addicts or something, but it’s not just drugs people get addicted to. For a lot of people i know, it’s music and a certain band. For others, it’s a certain food- for example i know someone who is addicted to butter.

I can proudly say that i am addicted to music and chocolate chip muffins. Now, the muffins, i could possibly live without, but i know for sure that i couldn’t live without music. Nuh-uh. No way in hell. You see, without music, i don’t know how i could live, because my life has been influenced by music… like… mega-ly so if i woke up and found that music had vanished into thin air… i dunno. I’d probably suffer from life-long depression.

If you’re wandering why i didn’t say i’d kill myself, it’s because i love myself too much to do anything like that. πŸ™‚

-South African Nutter


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