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Nickelback- “Lullaby” and “This Means War”

Hello, internet people.

Earlier this week, the video for Nickelback’s “Lullaby” was released. Now, the song is one of my favourites off their new album and when you listen to it, it’s quite an emotional song. So when you put it with the video, it’s a very emotional song. The video was really well made, and i nearly cried the first time i saw it (which is saying something, because i hardly ever cry in sad things!).

Here’s the video:

Now, the next video i’m going to talk about, is “This Means War”- no, not the movie. The other song by Nickelback. This Means War is completely different to Lullaby, because it is more rock, and is much louder. Still, i love it because the video is quite simple, as it was just filmed in a warehouse, and the band are just playing.

So i hope you enjoy the video for “This Means War”.


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