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Look at her… she’s so much better than you.
No, she’s not. And why would you say that, she’s our friend…
That may be the case… but you know deep down i’m right.
You’re not.
Oh, but I am. Come on- you seriously doubt me?
Yes, i do. Even if she is better than me, i’m happy for her.
Ha! Happy? Everytime she does something the jealousy bubbles up inside you. trust me- I know.
Oh, just leave me alone. This is none of your concern.
None of my concern, eh? Whatever is your concern is also mine.
 What’s your point anyway? So what she’s better than me- i don’t care.
Oh, stop lying to yourself. We both know you want to be better than-
I am better than her, and i don’t need you or anyone else’s stupid opinion.
Calm down, calm down, i’m only trying to help.
Help? You’re not helping anything. You just make matters worse.
Uh, correction… We just make matters worse.
Shut up. You’re in my head- what good can you do?
I’m trying to help you make a choice.
What? What choice?
She’s our friend, right? So we should be happy for her.
I know we should be happy for her, but i’m not. You got a problem with that?
Well it’s not like i have a choice-
Everyone has a choice. You chose to start this conversation, didn’t you?
Well let me just remind you… i’m in your head. I’m you. So really you’re just talking to yourself…
AAH! Just leave me ALONE!

-South African Nutter


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