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Hello, Internet peoples.

Last night, my dreams came true (sort of). I got a call from my mum saying that Tim Minchin (My all time favourite comedien) is performing in Cornwall at a place called the Eden Project. When i heard this, i went straight to the computer, and checked to see if this was true… it was.

We booked tickets, and since then i have been all hyped-up and excited, and i don’t know what to do with the excitement… At random points during the day, i have experienced sudden jumping around, flapping my arms about like a chicken, hugging, screaming, smiling so much my cheeks hurt… Yeah. I’m pretty excited.

At the moment i am pretty calm, which is why this post isn’t  crazy and all over the place.

But there is only one problem. The concert is in June… at the moment it is March. 3 months and 15 days of this random excitement i have to cope with. I think i might die.

Anyhoo. I think i should go now, because i can feel the excitement bubbling up in the depths of my insides, so goodbye until next time.

-South African Nutter


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