Hello internety peopleys… (dunno what happened there)

I came onto my blog just now, playing my new found love of the ukulele (does that make sense?),  not expecting much excitement, but then i saw in the blog stats that i had 500 hits. Now,  I know it’s not 1000, or 20,000 or something amazing, but it’s nice to know that people know my blog exists, and whether they came on it and never came back, it still counts to me, so Thanks.

Also, it’s very unlikely that i managed to get 500 hits from just my friends visiting my blog, so the word must be getting out to people that my blog is actually rather amazing, i mean, come on. Why wouldn’t it be? Look at it! Isn’t it absolutely fantastic? And what’s more, it’s by me, so it kinda has to be amazing… right?

-South African Nutter


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