My life flashed before my eyes…

Hello internet people,

Today’s post is about the whole “My life flashed before my eyes” thing. There are loads of reasons behind this, but there are only a couple that interest me.

The first reason is the most logical, and i also saw it on an episode of QI:
When you are in a situation where you might die, your brain thinks back to an occasion where something like that has happened before, so you can use that method to get out of it. So lets say you were drowning. Your brain would flash through all your memories and if you’re lucky, you’ll remember how you saved yourself from drowning in the bath at a young age (or maybe you weren’t so young…). I don’t think i need to go into much more detail, because if i can understand it, i’m sure you can too.

The second reason is my own opinion, and is much more creative:
What if life, like right now, is life flashing before our eyes? Because you apparently see, or remember everything- right? So you remember not remembering the little things happening 5 years ago, or the day you were born, but because it’s your brain remembering all this, because your brain remembers a lot of things, it’s too much to take in at that point in time, so when you are dying, your brain is like “Hey, i’m going to do one last thing. I’m going to let my body remember everything”.
Of course, this would take too long at normal speed, so it is actually really fast, but because it is life as we know it, it is normal speed for us. So techinically, we never die.

Is this making any sense? I hope you appreciate all this, because it has been very hard to explain. It’s one of those things where you can think about really easily, but when it comes to writing it down or saying it…you can’t and it goes all confusing.

-South African Nutter


2 thoughts on “My life flashed before my eyes…”

  1. This pretty much summerises my beliefs of the past few years. I’ve always had doubts about this. But then again, how could be understanding the post be a memory? (Things that make you go ‘hmmm’ <– if you've ever seen Brainiac.)
    And, I love QI.

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