January Update

Hello internet world!!

It’s been a while since my last post, so i’d just like to say what’s been going on….

Firstly, it was my birthday last Sunday (8th January), and me and my sister (my twin sister) just decided to have a few friends over at our house, and watch movies. We made a chocolate cake, and decorated it like the album cover of Muse’s Origin of Symmetry. (When i say “we made a cake” i mean “I made the cake”. ) That was on the Saturday, because the next day would be too busy. Anyway, 2 of our friends couldn’t be picked up, so they stayed over, and we watched more movies, which included Death at a Funeral, a Russell Howard dvd, and something else…. at least i think we watched something else… Anyway. On the Sunday, we got presents from my mum, dad and brother. I got a video camera and Nickelback’s new album “Here and Now” (It’s VERY good!!) I also got a top, and a lot of chocolate.

On Wednesday, i am in a pantomine, and it finishes on Saturday, so i have been….rehearsing. Sort of. As i was away for Christmas, i didn’t take any scripts with me, so i just left it, but i tend to leave things a l0t anyway and it turns out okay in the end. Anyway. I have a problem. On Friday, my swimming club has its Time Trials, but on the same night is one of the performances. To be honest, i’d rather do the time trials, but the director of the pantomine might have something to say about it. In my defence, i did only find out about the time trials yesterday, and i think they’re once a year, so i can’t exactly miss it. However, in the pantomine i’m only a villager, so it’s not like they’re missing an important character…. right?

What else has been going on…oh yeah. School isn’t exactly fun- being in year 10 and all that. All they ever talk about is GCSEs. I’ve already had two exams. Physics and two English controlled Assessments, in case you’re interested. I got a D in physics, but i really don’t get it. English on the other hand, i got two As.


Other than that, i don’t think there is anything else i need to say that will interest you, so farewell!

-South African Nutter


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