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New Earth

We all know the stories of how our race destroyed their planet. How world leaders were always gathering together, saying how to save the planet; but they didn’t even get started until it was too late.


A dream, long forgotten thanks to our destruction. So you’re probably wandering why I am here. Well, there was an agreement made by the secret service, that those of us who weren’t affected by the plague could go to “New Earth”, a planet NASA had discovered which was almost the exact same as Earth. Almost the same- but we didn’t know that then.

The trip to New Earth was long, tedious, and it took almost 18 months. 18 months of floating in darkness. 18 months of hope that our lives would change for the better. The Golden ship was a beauty. She stood tall and strong- undestructable. They all said that if anything could get us to safety, she would guide us there. Well. She certainly guided us away from the horror, pain and suffering from Earth, but there worse was waiting for us… they knew we were coming.

Always living in fear that they will find us; killing whoever they find. They don’t do it immediately. They are quick, cunning, and unstoppable.  No one knows what they look like- no one’s ever lived to tell the rest of us. We just know that we cannot be seen, or heard. Lucky for us, we know that they have an awful sense of smell, but that makes their sense of sight and hearing 10 times better than all of the predators on Earth put together.

The day we landed, we were put into groups, and then separated. From there, we headed off into the vast jungles of New Earth. Within 3 minutes, we all knew that coming here was a bad idea. Captain John Scott, courageous, supportive and the life of the party, was the first to go. Our leader was gone, and now we had to survive on our own. I don’t know how we managed to go on for about a week without any deaths. But then things just got out of hand. We never made fires at night time, for obvious reasons, but this made things scarier. You seem to see more in the dark than you do in the day. Maybe it’s a trick of the mind. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

I think I’m the only one left, but I’ve been stranded here for over 4 years. For so long my objective was to find any other humans, but that ended soon after it started. I wasn’t thinking, and I made too much noise. Luckily for me, it was the middle of the day. But it was still too close. I saw something move, and then it was right in my face. I had nothing to defend myself, so I just started kicking, scratching the creature until my long nails punctured a deep wound in it’s side. This got me out of the situation. I had time to catch my breath, and then I looked at the creature on the ground in front of me. It wasn’t dead yet. It looked similar to the pictures of bush babys, but twice the size. I couldn’t just leave it there. It was vulnerable, and i honestly felt sorry for it. So, I picked it up, and took it to where I had been camping. I named the bush baby thing Caesar, and cared for it until it was full strength, and then we became an inseparable pair.

From then on, my knew objective was survival.

Part 2 coming soon!
-South African Nutter


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