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Hello internet people

Today, i’m going to ramble on about exams. I’ve had 3 exams in the space of 2 days, making up 8 hours and 15minutes. I don’t like exams, but who does? i see the point in them, but sometimes i wish that we knew the stuff we need to know already, or the stuff we don’t want to learn at school, like maths or physics and just learn the other subjects which we enjoy and do well in, so we don’t have to be intimidated by people who are good at maths, for example when they are predicted an A* and you’re only predicted a C…. That probably won’t make much sense, but i can’t be asked to read through it.

Today i did my grade 5 piano exam. It didn’t go badly, but it could’ve gone better… I like doing piano exams, because i know i’ve achieved something. By the way, i’ve also done grade 1 influte and grade 4 in saxophone, and passed both, which is funny because the saxophone wasn’t my favourite instrument, and it hurt my mouth so i have given it up now, and i suprised myself by passing, because i was absoulutely atrocious with the scales, but i did really well in the pieces.

Yeah, i know what you’re thinking; this post isn’t going anywhere, and i’m bored so i’ll stop reading.
Sure, if you want to, but i’m just saying that if you think you suck at something, chances are that you’ll either do really badly, or you’ll do better than you thought, so. Yeah. The end.

-South African Nutter

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