Hello, internet freaks, geeks and what-nots.

Since it is November, and it has recentley been the 5th, i have decided to write a post about traditions. In my town, we have some crazy traditions, such as Pixie Day, and Tar Barrels. Tar Barrels is always on November 5th, and the people of Ottery St Mary gather in the streets to watch other people run up and down with a flaming Tar Barrel on their backs. Its a bit like a relay, but there isn’t any opposition. There is also a giant Bonfire, which, in my opinion, is the highlight of the whole evening/night.

The bad thing about Tar Barrels, is that so many students come and drink so much booze that they can’t tell the sky from the ground, and then they are lead to doing stupid things like throwing anย aerosol into a flaming tar barrel (true story). Now, i haven’t lived in Ottery for all my life, andย I’d still like this absurd tradition to carry on without having to worry every year that someone might actually die, and then the whole thing will get cancelled after 400 years.

-South African Nutter






2 thoughts on “Traditions”

  1. Great post! I totally agree. Tar Barrels is unique and shouldn’t be stopped but theres some really dumb behaviour. “Students come and drink so much booze that they canโ€™t tell the sky from the ground.” Funny! :]

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